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jmke 7th January 2006 13:31

Intel has a major '06-'07 weak spot, and AMD is aiming right at it
Anyone who reads our Ars System Guides, or the front page for that matter, knows that AMD has had the price/performance edge over Intel for quite some time. And ever since Intel's Pentium 4 architecture ran smack into the power wall and stopped scaling, the Hammer architecture has had an outright performance edge in the x86 desktop and server spaces. So the fact that Intel has been trying to play catch-up to AMD technology-wise in the x86 market is widely known.

This past year was especially hard on Intel, but the company has been touting 2006 as the year they get their act together. The CES launch of Yonah, the corporate rebranding, the new platform initiative, the high-profile Apple deal, and the launch of the Merom/Conroe architecture later this year are all supposed to put Intel back on top in terms of performance, marketing, mind-share, and core technology.

So by the second half of 2006, Intel will have all plugged all of the chinks in its armor and the company's x86 flagship processor line will be once again ready to go forward and retake any ground that has been lost to AMD... or will it?

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