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jmke 16th July 2007 14:29

Intel Harpertown Model Number and Clock Speeds Unveiled
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In the latest roadmap we have seen, the models number and specs of the 45nm quad-core Harpertown and dual-core Wolfdale have been revealed. They are slated to launch in Q4 this year succeeding the current Clovertown and Woodcrest. All Harpertown processors sport 2 x 6MB of shared L2 cache with 1333FSB and are clocked above 2GHz comfortably. The fastest Harpertown, X5460 is clocked at 3.16GHz with 120W TDP while E54xx series are clocked between 2.33 to 3GHz with 80W TDP. Harpertown LV L5430 and L5410 are clocked at 2.66GHz and 2.33GHz respectively with 50W TDP. For Wolfdale-DP, Intel has only give clues to the highest and lowest speed where E52xx series are clocked between 1.86 to 3.33GHz at 65W TDP. Interestingly, there is also a low voltage Wolfdale-DP with an impressive 3.16GHz clock and 2 x 3MB shared L2 cache at a mere 40W TDP compared to the current Woodcrest LV 5148 with 2.33GHz and 2 x 2MB shared L2 cache. Impressive line-up of Intel Xeon MP and DP processors indeed that would make AMD Barcelona run for its money.


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