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jmke 21st April 2006 22:26

Intel Duo Core @ 3.4Ghz beats P4 @ 7.2Ghz!
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Local forum member Gamer casually posted his first overclocking results with an Intel Duo Core T2600 clocked default at 2.16Ghz. Using a modified subzero cooling he was able to push the CPU to 3.4Ghz and run a CPU intensive SuperPi 1Mb calculation in 17.75 seconds; which is slightly faster than the current world record hold by Tom Holck with a P4 670 at 7.2Ghz! With less than halve the CPU cycles the new Duo Core proves to be quite the performer!

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When using even more extreme cooling (Cascade SubZero at -100C) this is possible:

Sidney 21st April 2006 22:54

Core Duo will get PC enthusiasts busy for awhile from now til Christmas. AM2 will have less shine.

Bosw8er 21st April 2006 22:57

:ws: :king: Enjoy the stay up there at the top !

Rutar 21st April 2006 23:40

Conroe will move the super pi e-penises into new lows

RichBa5tard 22nd April 2006 13:43

hwbot result:

jmke 22nd April 2006 16:11

Richy, that url is at the top already ;)

jort 22nd April 2006 16:25

gamer you got the mach1 mounted ?


easypanic 22nd April 2006 20:51

Nice temps there :D

jmke 23rd April 2006 03:33

pics removed, too big, this is a high traffic thread.

jmke 23rd April 2006 03:35


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