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jmke 15th April 2008 17:29

Intel to cut prices on April the 20th
Intel plans to release new CPU prices that will be effective as of Sunday, April 20th. It will dramatically affect the prices of the older 65nm SKUs, while the 45nm parts will get just slightly cheaper. When we say slightly we literally mean $2 cheaper.

The high-end model that will get reduced in price is the Core 2 Quad Q9550 at 2.83GHz and 12MB cache and it will get 2 dollars cheaper from its current $527 to $525. These are, of course, the wholesale prices.

The very popular Core 2 Quad Q9450 at 2.66GHz and 12MB cache will drop from $319 to $317. The Core 2 Quad Q9300 at 2.5GHz and 6MB cache will drop from $270 to $268.

Two older models, the Q6700 with a 2.66GHz clock speed and 8MB cache and a 1066MHz FSB speed will drop from the current $527 to $268. The ultra popular 65nm Kentsfield Q6600 with its 2.4GHz clock and 8MB cache will drop from $250 to $227.

All dual core 45nm E8x0 series Penryn based models will drop $2 and as of next week, the E8500 with 3.16GHz clock 6MB cache and FSB 1333 will drop to $266, the E8400 with a 3GHz clock and 6MB cache and FSB 1333 will drop to $187; and finally, the E8200 clocked at 2.66GHz with 6MB cache and FSB 1333 drops to $167. mid=35

FireTech 16th April 2008 08:00

No Intel charts to back it up?
Seems this is almost exactly the same news they gave us in February and VR-Zone gave us in January.
Must be a slow-news week over there :D

jmke 16th April 2008 08:13

Q6600 already available for €199
Q9300 for €230
Q9450 for €260

FireTech 16th April 2008 09:10

Prices are lower here too than they were back in January but it would appear to based more on availability than the price drop itself.
I suppose we'll know for sure in a week.

jmke 16th April 2008 09:14

I find the product names & codes confusing and unclear.

Intel C2Q 2.4Ghz 65Nm
Intel C2Q 2.5Ghz 45Nm
Intel C2Q 2.66Ghz 45Nm
Intel C2D 3Ghz 45Nm

would be so much clearer; I know it has nothing to do with pricing; but now the Q9450 is priced at Q6600 level... why. what's the difference; you'd think that looking at the name 9450<>6600 the new one is a world of difference

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