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jmke 7th May 2007 17:28

Intel CPU's have OC black box
A few big retailers and etailers have confirmed that Intel actually can check if you overclocked your CPU. When you burn your CPU Intel asks its retailers and etailers to return the CPU's back and in three to five weeks Intel gets back with the answer to whether the end customer gets a new chip or not. id=35

Sidney 7th May 2007 17:50

Overclocking = taking risk, don't be a sissy.

Kougar 7th May 2007 18:28

Aye. I am all for stopping the RMA / warranty abuse overclockers exploit, because I end up paying for it in some shape, form, or fashion down the road.

FreeStyler 7th May 2007 19:50

Just wait 3 to 5 weeks for the result. Yea sure, that'll catch on over here in belgium.

Kougar 7th May 2007 22:26

Good point, you know they could be a fair bit quicker about it if they really wanted to be.

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