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jmke 10th May 2010 14:58

Intel Core i7 980X Extreme Edition CPU
Intelís Extreme Edition of CPUs have always been their highest end desktop processors at the time of their arrival. That doesnít necessarily mean that all of them have been great CPUs- just the best that Intel has had to offer at the time of their release. The Core i7 980X launched recently is the newest member to the Extreme Edition family and as expected, it is the fastest desktop CPU Intel has at the moment.

Based on the same 32nm process used in the Clarkdale Core i3/i5 CPUs, the Core i7 980X Extreme Edition (codenamed Gulftown) is Intelís first six core desktop CPU running at 3.33GHz stock with a Turbo boost speed of 3.60Ghz. Interestingly TDP remains the same at 130W while the L3 cache gets bumped up from 8MB to 12MB. As with all Extreme Edition CPUs, the Core i7 980X is launched at the $999 price tag or AED 3,650. Along with the CPU, Intel also bundles a new HSF unit that is a bit of a pain to install/remove.

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