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jmke 31st July 2009 14:26

Intel Core i3 Performance Preview
on the front of this 32nm processor technology news Clarkdale, as early as 2008 in Intel Spring IDF has spread before coming. 当时针对新一代处理器架构Nehalem, Intel将会拿出Bloomfield、Lynnfield以及Havendale三款产品,其中采用C PU +GPU整合方案的Havendale自然是最受我们关注的。 At that time, for next-generation Nehalem processor architecture, Intel will come up with Bloomfield, Lynnfield, as well as three Havendale products, including the use of CPU + GPU integration program Havendale naturally we are most concerned about. 不过随后由于Havendale的Uncore部分出了一些问题,也被迫取消,但是同时我们得到的好消息则 是,新的CPU +GPU方案将会被命名为Clarkdale,并加入32nm工艺。 But then Uncore part as a result of the Havendale a number of issues, but also forced to cancel, but at the same time we received the good news is that the new CPU + GPU program will be named Clarkdale, and joined the 32nm process. =

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