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jmke 15th June 2006 19:48

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 - Gaming and Workstation Benchmarks
Intel's Conroe or Core 2 Duo as it has been officially named, is creating as much of a buzz amongst the enthusiats as the Athlon64 did. From what we've read about this CPU, not only does it perform exceptionally well, it also manages to reduce the temperatures and power consumption by quite a bit. This is great for Intel as ever since they moved to the Prescott core, things have not went that well for them with AMD constantly challenging and besting them in both performance and power utilization

Rutar 15th June 2006 20:37

266MHz to 345MHz for a speed of 3.11GHz, CPU at stock voltage and using the standard Intel HSF unit

woooooooooot woooooooot

duploxxx 16th June 2006 11:51

Engineering samples..... wooooooot wooooooooot

jmke 16th June 2006 13:35

Engineering samples reach lower overclocks than retail... woooooot wooooooooot

jmke 16th June 2006 13:39

Conro is coming :)


FireTech 16th June 2006 22:22

Just hope there's enough to go round ;)

Rutar 16th June 2006 22:38

I've made so many people to wait for conroe, I deserrve a free conroe 1900Xt system :(

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