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jmke 5th December 2009 11:40

Intel Cancels Larrabee Retail Products
We just got off the phone with Nick Knupffer of Intel, who confirmed something that has long been speculated upon: the fate of Larrabee. As of today, the first Larrabee chip’s retail release has been canceled. This means that Intel will not be releasing a Larrabee video card or a Larrabee HPC/GPGPU compute part.

The Larrabee project itself has not been canceled however, and Intel is still hard at work developing their first entirely in-house discrete GPU. The first Larrabee chip (which for lack of an official name, we’re going to be calling Larrabee Prime) will be used for the R&D of future Larrabee chips in the form of development kits for internal and external use.

The big question of course is “why?” Officially, the reason why Larrabee Prime was scrubbed was that both the hardware and the software were behind schedule. Intel has left the finer details up to speculation in true Intel fashion, but it has been widely rumored in the last few months that Larrabee Prime has not been performing as well as Intel had been expecting it to, which is consistent with the chip being behind schedule.

geoffrey 5th December 2009 14:18

ATI/NVIDIA > Intel; to bad though something new is always welcome.

Oberon 5th December 2009 18:18

This makes me want to chuckle about all the people who were going to wait for Larrabee to launch before buying a new video card.

jmke 5th December 2009 22:58

I don't think anybody waited ;)

leeghoofd 6th December 2009 09:22

Maybe a question to pop on the 16th (after we got stuffed ofcourse)

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