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jmke 3rd December 2009 09:03

Intel builds Experimental CPU with 48 Cores
Intel researchers have created an experimental many-core processor with 48 cores. The so-called single-chip cloud computer (SCC) features 24 dual-core tiles with 384KB L2 cache per core and is made on a 45nm HKMG process

The SCC chip features four integrated DDR3 memory controllers, there's one memory controller per six tiles and they can address up to 64GB DDR3 memory. The two cores on each tile communicate through a message buffer, and routers allow each tile to share data with other tiles. Also interesting is the power-efficient design, each tile can run at a different frequency and there are six banks of four tiles that can run at different voltages.

blackened 3rd December 2009 13:44

If you compare the kind of money Intel puts into research like this, it kind of is crazy how AMD can compete on its shoestring budget. Intel has more net profit than AMD has total revenue alone. Hell, the fine by the EU, didnt even scratch the surface, and even with the global recession, Intel is still pumping billions of dollars into r&d projects like this.. It was AMDs success several years ago that put Intel on this path and I think if Intel stays on it, AMD will go bankrupt trying to keep up with the Jones's.

jmke 3rd December 2009 13:54

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