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jmke 16th April 2004 09:44

Intel aware of Pentium 4 heat problems
Heat is quickly becoming the issue with todayís processors especially Intelís Pentium 4 processors. With the release of Pentium 4 Prescott version of the chip, Intel released a heat machine. Every credible industry analyst noted the Prescott for its heat problems.

Intel, at IDF in Taipei, Taiwan, admitted to the problems the company is having with heat, according to CoolTechZone sources at IDF. Intel needs to cut down on the heat processes if they want to be successful and competitive in the mobile market. AMD, concerned about heat, will announce its low-powered AMD Athlon64 2700+ processor later this year.

Steve Pawlowski, Director of Intelís Microprocessor Lab, was discussing the issue with industry analysts at IDF, confirmed our close sources. According to Steve Pawlowski, it was always about performance, performance, and performance. Intel has always focused on producing the fastest chips possible in the given time. The heat never worried Intel before because it was not a concern.

The times are different now. Users, especially the enthusiast community wants the coolest chips possible due to overclocking purposes. Although Intel is against the overclocking practices, they canít refuse the demands of their consumers.

Intel said, the problem is in the die of the processor where the memory and other chip circuitry are located. The chip giant also said it is working on improving case fans and heatsinks to dissipate heat in a more efficient way. "We can either limit the clock speeds or the frequency of the chips to reduce the amount of heat being produced," said company officials, confirmed by CoolTechZone sources. Ironically, limiting the clock speed and frequency will not cut it anymore. The company said its engineers are working hard on the equation.

Finally, Intel admits to having problems with heat. This is the first step to solving the heat issues the company is having with its Intel Pentium 4 Prescott processors. It will be interesting to see how Intel works with cooling manufacturers to try to improve fan and heatsink designs that can better deal with heat.

RichBa5tard 16th April 2004 10:19

I find it hard to believe PC enthousiasts want a cool chip solely for overclocking purpose.

I think most want a cool chip for silent, not fast computing.

Sidney 18th April 2004 01:17

Intel is a tricky big enterprise. I believe the heat issue has been resolved in 775 socket. The intend was to have the Prescott vcore at 1.25 Volt. However, most of the 1st releases are close to 1.385 volt.
Few lucky ones may get the 1.25Volt will have less heat issues. You are absolutely correct, noise is the main concern for most enthusiasts, except a few with hearing loss.

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