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jmke 30th March 2008 21:43

Intel Atom processor to cost Intel just $6 to $8?
Intel is gearing up to launch what may be its most important product since the Pentium processor: The Atom CPU targets key growth markets and could ship hundreds of millions units within a few year. While much of the success will depend on unit numbers, sources told that Atom will be big cash cow for Intel.

Rutar 30th March 2008 22:10


there isn't much more to say bout this if you have Intel stocks

Kougar 31st March 2008 02:55

Good points, however Intel themselves stated they don't forsee Atom capable of being used in handhelds until the 32nm process node, which is where the real market will be at.

Costs of researching, designing, and then retrofitting their fabs to 45nm, 32nm, and 22nm/whatever certainly are going to add a few billion each to the costs... at least this way Intel can afford to keep shrinking the process size for another 5 or more years.

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