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jmke 20th June 2005 08:27

Industry Update From Corsair Memory - TCCD Supply Demystified
June 20, 2005 - The Samsung "TCCD" memory chip is the best overclocking IC for the AMD platform. Since speculation began about the TCCD reaching End-of-Life (EOL), the enthusiast community has been concerned about its near- and long-term availability. The purpose of this update is to provide a lead on the current status of this very popular IC.

The TCCD specification was tailor-made for Corsair by Samsung. As a part of the agreement, Samsung has agreed to directly supply Corsair's TCCD requirements until the end of 2005 and beyond.

Contrary to rumours that indicate universal unavailability of TCCD, Corsair continues to provide high performance XMS memory modules made with 100% Samsung original TCCD IC's.

There has been suggestions on TCC5 being an equal replacement of TCCD. While the ICs share similar names, they do not share identical performance characteristics. TCC5 is a down-bin of TCCD and does not deliver the same performance promise that TCCD does. Based on our stringent testing requirements, only TCCD can meet the demand. Corsair also uses TCC5 IC's but because they are of lesser capability, TCC5 IC's are used only in the lower grade parts.

For more information on Corsair's products or the Samsung TCCD IC's, please email or visit

jmke 20th June 2005 08:28

Below is a list of TCCD based Corsair products that are currently shipping:

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