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jmke 1st August 2005 09:38

iKitchen - Mac Mini build into Wall
TV Box
My first idea was to custom fit a flat panel screen with a nifty case with a computer in it, with a TV card, and mount this on a wall with a bluetooth keyboard / mouse set. This would result in a box with a power cable and a tv input, and that's it, mounted on a swivelly stand on the wall.
I could have cannibalised an old TV casing for this, fitted it with a mini-ITX motherboard, a 12" square TFT screen, using on board video, and sound, and fitting a bluetooth module and a TV-Card.
It seemed like a perfect solution.

Cupboard PC
My second idea was to build a PC into a standard mini-ITX case. Make it all nifty and swifty, and have a 17" TFT screen on the worktop above, with cables going through the worktop.
This had a few problems, the cupboards are theoretically dust proof and wouldn't allow for much air-flow. There are a set of drawers above the cupboards which presents a fairly large problem. My father wouldn't want holes in the worktop, also the problem of the disc drive being accessed. The last problem was that there was no realistic way of getting power into the cupboard for the computer.

Plinth Mounted
I noticed there was an accesable 6" void beneath the cupboards, which had easy access to the power, good air-flow and there was a 2" void behind the cupboards I could feed cables through up to the worktop. So I could fit a box into the wall behind the tiles with a blanking plate, much like a power point, and plug a screen into, while also having other ports, such as USB, Audio, etc in a position to be used.
So I could build a small computer to sit underneath the cupboards with cables going up a duct to the box in the wall, and build the ports into the blank panel.

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