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Stefan Mileschin 3rd September 2012 07:28

IDT reveals Intel deal
Analogue chipmaker Integrated Device Technology has revealed that it will be developing a transmitter and receiver chipset for Intel products.

According to Reuters, the idea is that the Intel chipsets will be able to charge a mobile phone placed next to them.

The wireless charging integrated circuits, or little chips that will be used mainly in smartphones, Intel's Ultrabook mini notebooks and computers.

Integrated Device said that Intel's cash will help cut costs and improve the product development,

Mary Huang, an executive at Intel, said that it will be jolly useful for punters to have wire-free charging so that they can run keyboards, mice, storage devices, cameras and smartphones without needing to constantly recharge or replace batteries.

The move is part of Chipzilla's attempts to make PC's more consumer friendly and work alongside mobile products. Currently if you want to charge your phone wirelessly you have to place it on a pad directly on the ultrabook or laptop.

Intel wants to develop the technology so that the energy is broadcast over a slightly longer distance to make it less dependant on proximity to the Ultrabook or PC. If it manages it, it could mean the end of having to plug in electronic gear for a recharge, so long as it is near your workstation.

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