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jmke 29th May 2003 22:44

Icrontic Hacked

My fellow colleagues,

On the Memorial Day weekend fell victim to a hacker. At first it only appeared to be a simple form of “graffiti” where our front page was replaced by the typical “you’ve been hacked” splash page. The damage went deeper. In that very same day the hackers used the server to begin DOS attacks on another IP address and our server providers physically yanked the box in minutes.

In the wake the hackers destroyed everything that was Icrontic and Icronticforums. Backups existed but, through an unforeseen twist of fate, were destroyed. The site owner, Keith “Mortin” Whitsitt has decided to shut the digital doors and has put the domain names up for sale on EBAY. Icrontic is no more. Keith and I parted as friends and he supported my running Icrontic 110%. He made it possible for me to be a part of this community.

For the last two years I have managed Icrontic and you have received many articles from me. I have retained all of my articles (over 200) and am opening up a brand new site and forums. The content that we have shared over the last two years remains with all of the reviews that I wrote and all the guides, editorials and articles. Two other IT professionals join me to continue what all of us do best. I hope that you will continue to support me as I have supported you.

The next email from me will be as new review news on a brand new site. The name may have changed…but the person you know is still the same. We will be launching early next week under the name

If anyone announces to you that they represent Icrontic or Icronticforums please note that this is not the same individual that you have come to have known over the past two years. I wish the successful EBAY buyer the best of luck but feel it would be unethical to misrepresent themselves on the reputation for work from me that you have come to have known.


Doug “Mediaman” Kronlund

Former PR Manager of Icrontic

And now chief guy with a smoking hot credit card after starting up

Unregistered 30th May 2003 00:32

whaaaa! i luv'd apushardware before the Mug shot guy

Unregistered 30th May 2003 00:35

I find it really odd in one weekend that; warp2search, savagenews, and icrontics all died by Sat morning.
Somebody needs to be shot!!!

TeuS 30th May 2003 07:43

my god, that's SO rude :grum:
what the hell drove that sick bastard to destroy all the hard work from those people

Bosw8er 30th May 2003 08:33

:puke: Why ?

sad sad sad

And now Icrontic is for sale

jmke 30th May 2003 16:54


Originally posted by Unregistered
warp2search, .

is back up, they had a hardware failure :ws:

savagenews is also back

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