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jmke 18th January 2007 22:02 - benchmark competition site - cause for many sleepless nights
Earlier this week announced their weekly Teams ranking update, ever since the introduction of their ingenious HWBoints systems which allocates points to each benchmark score submitted depending on the system components, the amount of entries and overall ranking, the top team spot was held by Overclocking Team, their large user base gave them a significant advantage over the competition who had a hard time catching up.

A few weeks ago, Overclocking Extreme (OCX) overclockers group started to move in on the sleeping giant, chipping away at their different benchmark records, with highly overclocked Core 2 and Geforce 8800 GTX powered systems.

The moment of truth was this week when OCX came out of top of the Team stats charts, holding a lead of more than 100 points

Of course XtremeSystems was quick to react and they started to submit benchmark results like crazy, was swamped with excellent scores with a truckload of different hardware configurations, closing in on 30.000 results the database was filled up with HWboint worthy entries.

The aftermath of this first day of heavy submitting caused the lead of OCX to shrink a lot:

OCX was still keeping the large XS team away from number one spot, but for how long? Yesterday was D-Day, two heavy hitters, KingPin (known for his 100k 3DMark2001SE score) and Hipro5 (known for his excellent voltage mods) joined up with the XS team, their combined scores resulted in XS taking the lead with a large margin:

Of course the game ain't over and there are other large Russian and French overclocking teams making their way to the top, adding great results to the database and claiming HWBoints to increase their rank. OCX started out with half the points of the mighty XS and was able to knock them from the #1 spot, so nothing is impossible.

The website encourages friendly competition between individual overclockers as well as different teams, the HWBoint system was introduced to put more life into the scene and seems to have been proven successful.

Our own Madshrimps team is nowhere near the top, but we do have some worth mentioning benchmarkers like Geoffrey and Thorgal who have submitted some excellent scores to the site. Go check it out now, and join the fun:)

SuAside 19th January 2007 09:30

hehe, gotta love competition.

Wrigleyvillain 19th January 2007 15:41

Heh, like your sig. :D

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