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Stefan Mileschin 28th May 2012 07:49

Huawei wants EU to intervene in InterDigital patent spat
Huawei wants EU antitrust regulators to investigate its dispute with Interdigital, saying the US company is demanding money with menace.

Huawei filed a complaint with the European Commission after failing to reach a deal with the wireless technology patent holder.

In a statement, Huawei said that it had decided to take this action because it believes that the licensing fees that InterDigital is requesting are "exploitative, discriminatory and violate FRAND policies".

It added that such actions also breach EU antitrust rules.

European consumers will suffer because the fees, if paid, would significantly increase the cost of Huawei's mobile devices and even restrict consumer access to telecommunications technology, Huawei claims.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute has a policy that companies must licence standard-essential patents to rivals under fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms.

Last year InterDigital moaned to the US International Trade Commission about Huawei, Nokia and ZTE, accusing them of infringing seven of its technology patents.

The outfit made $3 billion in royalties from 2G and 3G licences by December 31, 2011, according to Reuters.

The commission is also looking into a complaint by Microsoft that Motorola Mobility and its new owner Google charge too much for the use of Motorola's patents. Apple is also joining in.

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