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Sidney 11th September 2005 20:02

HSPC Tech Station v2
Next we set the top shelf on the legs and line the protruding tips of the screws up with the pre-drilled holes in the tops of the legs. After all 4 screws are in, we snap the covers closed. The screw covers are a touch on the small side. If you tighten the screws down too much, it becomes difficult to snap the covers closed. Regardless, they were easy to snap closed with a few light taps from the handle of the screw driver."

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Sidney 11th September 2005 20:05

1) insufficient head room for the CPU fan for "tall heatsink" meeting the min. requirement.
2) not suitable for large tower type giant heatsinks of the day.
3) lack the supply of a nice looking table fan sitting next to this tech station.

I am just shooting off my mouth ..... It may give the feeling of being "professional" :D ..... for a price.

jmke 11th September 2005 21:45

for a tech station it is severly limiting, a slide-able mobo tray would have added much value to such a construction.

it the end, somebody with basic woodworking skills can make a similar construction, which fits his/her needs, at a fraction of the cost

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