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jmke 8th August 2004 23:27

How to boost your Doom III
Simply by editing a file!


Save the file and close your text editor. WinRar will ask if you want to update the file in the archive, select yes. Close WinRar and enjoy about 40% higher performance in Doom3

Hadn't tried running a timedemo though. So I did that now, and I'm still getting a large performance increase, though not quite as large. It went from 17.5 to 20.0, so that's a 14% boost, which is still a large improvement. I can see the reason why the timedemo doesn't give the same performance boost though. It's not as dependent on the lighting shader, but depends a lot on the performance of the multiple layers of smoke and fire that those darn monsters are throwing around. rt=0

edit: seems people at that forum are reporting visual artifacts, although very small, so it is up to you

jmke 8th August 2004 23:45

If you have an ATI card and don't want to install the 4.9 Beta drivers but would like to enjoy a speedboost, all you need to do is drop the atioglxx.dll from the 4.9beta archive into your Doom 3 folder

Roswell 9th August 2004 17:13

I did it and experienced lots of HUGE artifacts. Lucky I backupped the original file.

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