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TeuS 14th June 2003 20:51

retards, waaaay to many outtake and not enough intake. they should have all the fans on the side panel blowing air IN the case.
anyway, nice to see they're back :ws:


Flip this beast over and what have you got? Two more 92mm. 50 CFM fans with filters too. Filters are good as they stop a lot of dust and debris from getting into this case. By debris I mean the cat, office furniture, the carpet and flooring underneath...

Jinx 14th June 2003 20:57

the ruined a perfectly good (and expensive) lian li... they could as well used some weirdo case for it ... with the stuff they got out of the holes you could make a whole new case!

jmke 15th June 2003 01:43

its a PREBUILD case.

Jinx 15th June 2003 10:30

prebuild? omg....

The Senile Doctor 15th June 2003 12:37

I'm ordering one just for fun! :s

BullDog 30th June 2003 01:41

$819.00 Us Dollars...thats Vapor chill and Prommie $$

yeehaa!! 30th June 2003 08:30



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