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jmke 30th December 2004 12:38

HiTeC claims world first PCI Dolby live card
SOMEONE listened to what we kept saying about Dolby Digital live support, or rather the lack of it. From the time we said that Sound Storm 2 is off the Nforce 4 and later even Nforce 5 chips, our readers kept saying that many of them would like to see Dolby Digital live support. Sound Storm was the only answer as until now Creative and Terratec failed to bring PCI based Dolby Digital live to the market.

However, Korean company HiTeC Digital Audio told us that it finally has such a PCI card. The company called it HDA Digital X Mystique 7.1 gold and this is supposed to be the first PCI based 7.1 Channel Dolby Digital live sound card. Of course it supporst real time content encoding.

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