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jmke 17th August 2007 08:57

Hiper intros first ATX Case, the Anubis
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ANUBIS - probably the toughest case ever made
HIPER launches its 1st ATX case

Anubis is the name of the ancient Egyptian God of Death and the name of the 1st ATX case ever from HIPER. As expected, HIPER does not come up with something usual: This case is entirely constructed out of high quality 3mm thick aluminium 6063 T5 alloy, weighing in at over 10kg.

What makes this case different to the other alloy cases is in the manufacturing process of the jointing method. The panels are alloy welded together creating a much stronger structure to withstand over 100kg compared to the cheaper rivetting method, where not only becomes a weaker point, but allows the entire structure to bend. The case comes pre-modded with a side window and is probably the only case with a window to pass EMI testing, so is perfect for any system builders.

This case has been designed with thermal issues in mind and the HUGE heatsinks on top of the case help dissipate the conducted heat from inside the case. HIPER even supplies a brush for cleaning dusts out of them!

The sidepanels assembling is completely screwless and the drive-bay mounting is also tool-free. A stylish top function panel gives you comfortable usage. And even the most design oriented user will be convinced by the quality of the diamond laser cut trimming.

An additional functional detail among others is the removable modular HDD rack with dedicated fan mount for optimized cooling. As a bonus for the end user who eventually owns this case, there is a limited edition Anubis keyring supplied inside. Anubis is both a cutting edge design and top-quality pc chassis for design enthusiasts and gamers.

More photos:

High Performance Group

…was founded in Milton Keynes/UK in 2001. Based on high-end marketing and technology expertise the company is now among the leading manufacturers of
PC power supply units & connection cables, HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer), low profile thermal solutions, and Digital Connectivity cables
for Consumer Electronics, now with 6 offices and 3 warehouses.

Most of HIPER’s products are patented before their releases. Our concepts and designs are protected & backed by solid patents covering most major
countries. We have no doubt that our Innovation & Invention will continue to be a significant force, providing dynamic growth for HIPER worldwide.

The brand name HIPER represents the cutting edge technology, quality, passion and entrepreneurial spirit of more than 250 employees throughout
Europe, Asia and North America put in every single product that is shipped from own factories. Due to the close partnership with major IT-companies
HIPER products represent the latest state of technology. And even the very top of the line HIPER product can be afforded with a student’s week salary.

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