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Da_BoKa 27th April 2005 09:43

It began as my quest for a new case for an Ultra Mini SFF mod... no easy task to find something worthy of housing a complete computer that is no bigger than an orange, let alone something that hasn't already been done. After countless hours of looking for something to inspire my miniature mod it was Ebay where I found an auction named "What is your bidding, sir?" and wound up winning the ornately decorated box with a measly sixty three dollar bid. It would be the perfect size case for the mod, but when it arrived the shipping box was filthy and stunk of decay, I swear a few bugs flew out when I opened it... I already posted a negative feedback rating for the seller. To make things worse when I removed the contents and examined the thing I could find no visible screws or hinges and could not figure out how to get it open. It had weight to it and whatever was inside the box had to come out to make room for a PC and some lights, but prying on it with a screwdriver and then attempting to Dremel it open proved useless, prompting me to Google for answers as to exactly what my apparently indestructible sixty three dollar box was. It was nearly a month to the day after the box arrived that I found a web site with the scanned pages containing the writings of a Dr. Chanard. I printed them out and began reading, according to the good doctor the box is actually a puzzle and the only way to open it is to solve the thing... so much for my simple mod.

GIBSON 30th April 2005 20:04

damn that's a nice mod

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