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jmke 20th August 2004 15:47

Half-Life 2 Stress Test : Benchmarked Part2

A few days ago, I published a Counter-Strike: Source performance article showcasing NVIDIA and ATI's latest generation graphics cards using FRAPS and a custom-made demo. I mentioned that Valve was working on a benchmarking program and last night, anyone with a copy of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero or a Half-Life 2 ATI coupon was able to use Valve's Source Engine Stress Test as well as play Counter-Strike: Source online.

Our Counter-Strike: Source benchmarks from Tuesday used real-world gameplay, and we saw that Counter-Strike: Source ran very well on both NVIDIA and ATI's hardware. After further research, we found out that Counter-Strike: Source does not use many of the effects or shaders the Source Engine offers, the effects and shaders we'll be seeing with Half-Life 2.

The Half-Life 2 stress test is really just a quick timedemo that runs through an E3 demo we saw in 2003. In the demo are many of the Source Engine's special effects, including bump-mapping, sub-divided surfaces and light blooming. I've also received a lot of email regarding NVIDIA's leaked 65.62 Forceware drivers, so I will be including benchmarks with those as well.

The Senile Doctor 21st August 2004 06:51

perfect playability on a non-oced xt, almost never below 40, mean very high, and this is 1600*1200*4*8!


I think our oc-ed rigs will pull this one off quite strongly

jmke 21st August 2004 12:17

you don't play Counter Strike Calantak... :p

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