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jmke 16th July 2004 10:53

Half-Life 2 Release Date is Very Short
Valve just announced: WON Shutdown Timing - 26-31 at July) eariler then what they announced before (end of the summer) from "private" sources.. this step is to reserve the bandwidth for HL2 (could be downloaded through Steam) our source confirmed.. the release of HL2 will be somewhere in the middle of august (this year) or even eariler!

Starting July 26th the shutdown of the WON authentication servers will begin. This process will be completed on July 31st. This means players will no longer be able to access Internet features of Valve games, such as Counter-Strike 1.5, using the WON authentication servers. Users can continue using Valve games on the Steam service by downloading the Steam installer and setting up a Steam account. For more information visit Counter-Strike 1.5 players will be upgraded to Counter-Strike 1.6 free of charge through Steam.

jmke 18th July 2004 14:26


jmke 18th July 2004 14:27


The Senile Doctor 18th July 2004 15:30

weird thing...and I don't believe the release is that close...
maybe they'll both be released in one week :D

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