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jmke 8th December 2004 18:20

H20-120-t™thermoelectric Series Liquid Cooling Kits
The H20-120-T™ series of thermoelectric liquid cooling kits are designed for extreme cooling applications where sub-ambient processor temperatures are desired.

While Swiftech recognizes that this kit solution is by no means universally compatible with all computer cases, our design choices have been made to allow installation in the largest possible number of chassis with a minimum of modifications. Ideal chassis in this respect are those featuring a 120mm fan intake at the front of the case. The kits are also meant to include absolutely everything that is needed to perform a complete thermoelectric installation with proper components insulation.

Performance features and benefits
* Extreme performance MCW5002-T™ series water-blocks with 226 Watts thermoelectric module for sub-ambient processor temperatures: up to 50°C drop in processor operating temperature.
* Dissipation of the thermal load is achieved with two MCR120-FB 120 mm copper fins radiators, featuring a 120x25mm fan each, selected for moderate noise output (34dBA each, 37 dBA total).
* Extreme performance MCP650™ 12 Volts DC industrial pump.
* 1/2" ID tubing for maximum flow rate inside the circuit.

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