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jmke 3rd March 2005 09:25

Guide: Choosing The Right Case
" There are hundreds and hundreds of different cases out there,
varying in price, size, material, features, and style. If you are new to
modding, choosing a case on your own can be an overwhelming task. That's
what this guide is for. Today, I will be going through the basics of
finding the best case for your needs and will wrap up with a few of my
own recommendations. "

URL: id=39

Sidney 3rd March 2005 19:11

I look at a PC case as if it is a Large Wind Pipe; or water Pipe. One inlet and one outlet. like a water hose without any holes except in/outets the highest pressure is attainted.

You won't hand over a water hose fill with holes to a fireman to fight fire. A wind tunnel for testing wind drag coefficient wouldn't be effective if the tunnel is filled with holes. A good PC case is one that makes good use of "cross air flow" covering the largest surface area over the motherboard and other components with consideration of "hot air rises" principle.

The larger the inlet and outlet the better the air flow; if you must have "open case", make sure you have good ROOM air movement across the motherboard ........ put a house fan to have air movement.

Bear in mind, you can reduce air flow resistance by tidy up all wirings; components like memory, surface mounted capacitors, graphic card, hard drive all add to air flow resistance which generates "noise" & "turbulence".

Single inlet also helps in "controling" dust coming into your PC.

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