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jmke 9th October 2009 10:58

GSKILL Rip Jaw 2000MHz Memory
With the introduction of the P55 chipest and the new socket type, 1156, comes a old but new standard. Like the CPU's of old, the newer 1156 socket CPUs use a dual channel memory controller.

But that's where it ends as far as similarities. Because unlike the CPUs of old, the newer Core i5/i7 socket 1156 CPUs, use a IMC (Integrated Memory Controller) like the 1366 socket CPU's have. The newer Core i5/i7 socket 1156 CPUs can really handle the memory very well. So well in fact these CPUs can keep up with their tri channel CPUs counter parts.

Which leads us to another question. Why would we need such high memory speed on our computers? The answer is simple, one of the main reasons for having a high frequency memory is it helps the CPU process information going to and from. Memory bandwidth is a byproduct of high frequency (good byproduct by the way). Another reason to have high frequency memory installed in our computers is if you are an avid overclocker like myself, we have a higher ceiling with our FSB's or BCLK without having to slow down the memory to accommodate the high FSB and or BCLK, therefore optimizing our computers even further.

GSkill has introduced a dual channel memory set specifically designed to run and enhance our socket 1156 CPUs experience. Lets take a step inside the 'Dragons Lair', start up Minor Me, and see how far the GSkill Rip Jaws 2000 MHz will go.

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