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Sidney 24th June 2005 23:26

Graphics Guide and Gameplay review of Battlefield 2
We've played through the full version of the game with various ATI and Nvidia cards, and we've worked out the best playable settings for the cards, and we have some benchmarks too. We've talked to DICE, the developer, about the graphics features that the engines supports and we've looked at the quality settings in game - as well as evaluating the actual gameplay.


easypanic 25th June 2005 00:09

I want that 7800 :D

Rutar 25th June 2005 00:33

no, you want 2 of them in SLI

jmke 25th June 2005 10:16

single player aspect of BF2 sux :-(

wutske 25th June 2005 11:14


Originally posted by jmke
single player aspect of BF2 sux :-(
Idd, the AI realy sucks. The enemy wals in front of me, passes me and does nothing ? :huh:
I can even walk towards them until I'm right before them, they miss or they do nothing :rolleyes: .
And indeed, they keep killing me when they are behind the wheels (and they driver like chickens with no heads).

jmke 25th June 2005 11:55

1024x768 2xFSAA/8xAF is mighty playable on A64@2ghz with 6800GT, the game is "enjoyable" this way

wutske 25th June 2005 16:28

I can play it at 1024*768 HMHMMHM2xM (=settings High or Medium)
Framerate is between 10 and 30 (average) but you hardly notice.

Rutar 25th June 2005 16:32


Originally posted by jmke
single player aspect of BF2 sux :-(
There is a single player? o_O

jmke 25th June 2005 22:20

it's the only aspect I'm interested in playing; I play CS:S against Bots also

UT2003/2004 against bots, Q3A againts bots, Q1 against bots.. do I need to go on? :)

online play against strangers does not interest me

kristos 26th June 2005 04:01

this game was made for being played online :D

the bots are a bit of "hush now" feature :D

I haven't played the demo much but my brother says the AI has greatly improved over 1942 (wich I did play).

Bots now actually respond to you when ask "requesting a pick-up" or give orders like "get in"...

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