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jmke 26th April 2008 09:33

Grand Theft Auto IV Review
Nothing to do with PC hardware, but this game seems to be worth it to break a small rule;)

Watch the people and you'll witness some amazing things. At one point, I saw a woman stopped at a light, looking in the rearview mirror right before she was rear-ended by a man ogling a girl on the street. The man got out of his car and went to the woman, checking to see if she was okay. This had nothing to do with Niko or a single action I took. These were the citizens of Liberty City going about their day. And it was just one moment in a day full of incidents.

Hang in one area of the city long enough and you'll see how traffic and pedestrian flow changes as the day progresses. When it rains, people bring out umbrellas or shield themselves with a newspaper and run for an awning. Cops chase petty thieves unaware that walking down the street is Niko Bellic, cold-blooded killer. There's a perfect balance of mumbling doomsayers to remind you that the reason this city never sleeps is because it's full of nut jobs. People go about their day, only altering course when Niko inserts himself into their lives with his crappy driving or excellent marksmanship.

jakebot 27th April 2008 20:38

kinda sad how GTA went from a PC platform for starters then to a console platform with no inkling of a PC release.... but i think it will happen eventually.... or maybe that's just wishful thinking

jmke 27th April 2008 21:51

It will happen I think, XBOX360 is close to PC platform, so a conversion is not out of the question (Assassin Creed, Gears of War, Mass Effect,

jakebot 28th April 2008 18:30

that's true but it better not be something like a year down the road!

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