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Shogun 6th May 2008 00:52

Google says Verizon dodging 700MHz rules
Google has filed an FCC petition asking that the FCC drop Verizon's $4.7 billion winning bid in the recent 700MHz wireless auction. Filed late last week, the motion accuses Verizon of planning to use its Any App, Any Device plan to shelter customers buying its own devices from having to follow FCC open access guidelines set out before the auction, which would require that any 700MHz service on the relevant spectrum support any legal device or software regardless of which company has sold either component. Verizon's plan forces users of truly open devices to follow a different set of rules while those who buy from Verizon itself are trapped, Google claims.

jakebot 6th May 2008 19:18

if you have a blackberry from any other company besides verizon you get free gps because it's already a program built into the phones programs... when verizon disables it and makes you pay for their service. i love verizon and have verizon... but that's shady and very uncool in my book. sprint is also looking better with there $100 unlimited EVERYTHING plan. might have to switch when my contract is up....

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