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Stefan Mileschin 21st January 2013 08:08

Google's Page wades into Facebook pages
Google CEO Larry Page has been flinging his handbag at Facebook.

In a rare interview with Wired, Page was asked why Google was bothering trying to compete with the social not-working giant. Page said that while Facebook was strong in that space, it was also doing a really bad job on its products. Meeeow.

Page did not exactly say why he thought Facebook was doing a bad job, or which products he thought were bad. In the past, Page has slammed Facebook for being closed with its data.

The comments might have been motivated by the fact that Facebook launched a smarter search engine called Graph Search.

Page did say that Google doesn't need Facebook to fail as a company in order for it to succeed in that particular space.

He said that Google was doing something different in the social networking arena. He added that he thought it was outrageous to say that there's only space for one company.

Page added that he was "very happy" with Google+ so far and claimed that it had already been copied by its competitors, so you can see who forgot to take his sarcasm pills this morning.

Page talked about the need for keeping Google ambitious with "moon shot" ideas and teased the possibility that Google could eventually have a million employees working for it.

He also scoffed at the patron saint of Apple, Steve Jobs, for trying to wage a so-called thermonuclear war against Android.

Page pointed out that Jobs' nuclear weapons did not appear to be working very well.

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