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Stefan Mileschin 22nd March 2013 08:20

Google applies for another Glass patent
In case you hadn't noticed, the people over at Mountain View continue to work pretty hard on bringing yet more functionality to its Google Glass. During our patent application trawling this week, we fished up another possible application for Google's future-wear, where the finished product might fuse together augmented reality (and wireless connectivity) to control objects around your house. The headwear will apparently using visual identification, RFID, infra-red, Bluetooth and even QR codes as methods for recognizing controllable devices. Once your well-designed head-mounted display picks up a target, it would then pull down information related to the object, including a control interface. These "superimposed controls" would then hover over the real-life objects (which would need to be WiFi-connected or otherwise), with garage doors and refrigerators both referenced as possibilities (we've added sketches for both of these after the break). Whether you'd then adjust these white goods with your voice or otherwise is still an unknown -- the predictably fuzzy-worded patent application doesn't quite touch on any... touch interfaces.

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