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jmke 25th April 2004 19:50

Global WIN introduces the Travel Box Dorri with hardware encryption technology
lobal WIN introduces the “Travel Box Dorri” with hardware encryption technology for secure data

The Travel Box Dorri is a slim and compact housing that combines a portable aluminium hard disk case, hardware encryption, and easy connectivity using USB2.0

Taipei, Taiwan, April 23, 2004 – Global WIN, a leading specialist in thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, today announced the Travel Box Dorri with support for hardware encryption. The Travel Box Dorri is a compact and highly secure portable case that enables consumers to use their 3.5" hard disk in a mobile case for outdoor activities. The case uses a screw-less aluminium alloy design, allowing easy installation of hard drives with excellent heat dissipation properties assisted by a super silent 18dbA 80mm fan and ventilation openings on both sides of the case.

“The Travel Box Dorri is delivered without memory and so is named after the friendly but forgetful character ‘Dory’ in Walt Disney’s film ‘Finding Nemo’
, continuing Global WIN’s fun and exciting ‘sea’ theme for naming new products”, said Andy Lin, Global WIN’s President and CEO. “With its fish shape and stylish packaging, the Travel Box Dorri is instantly distinguishable from competitor products”, he continued.

The built-in hardware encryption technology is the key feature of Global WIN ’s new Travel Box Dorri. The X-wall 40-bit encryption chip delivers sophisticated hardware encryption technology and, by supporting DES (Data Encryption Standard), the new Travel Box meets the US NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standard. To utilize this encryption technology, the external HDD case is equipped with two USB Security-Keys (S-KEYs). Both S-KEYs contain the same security code. An S-KEY has to be connected to the USB port before using the Travel Box Dorri. Thereafter, all files will be written as encrypted data to the hard disk drive. After removing the S-KEY (from the Travel Box Dorri) the data are held securely and encrypted on the hard disk drive. To continue to work with the secure data, one of the S-KEYs has to be reconnected.

Many home and business users are now using their notebooks for all the same tasks previously run on desktop PCs – including office applications, internet browsing, streaming video and audio, and games. However, notebook hard disk drives in 2.5" format are still expensive compared to the standard 3.5" models with the same capacity. The Travel Box Dorri provides a solution to this by allowing users to have a lower cost portable 3.5” hard drive. The Travel Box Dorri delivers additional security via data encryption and delivers high data transfer rates through the USB2.0 port.

The Travel Box Dorri can also be used as an external backup tool or a medium for transferring large files (that may not fit on the available capacity of a CD/ DVD). With the Travel Box Dorri as an external backup tool, users are able to save all their data whenever they want. These portable drives can be placed in a well protected area to provide the highest security level available for your information. Users only have to connect the Travel Box Dorri to a USB2.0/1.1 port (and the power adapter) and it's ready to use.
The external HDD case can be used with both Windows and Mac OS systems, without installing any drivers (except for WIN98 - drivers are included for this).

Price & availability

Products are available through Global Win’s distributors in Italy (Bow.IT
SRL) and UK (Rainbow Components –

About Global WIN

Global WIN, a specialist in thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, was founded in 1992 in Taiwan in a space of 720 square feet (67m2) packed with offices and production lines. At the end of 1998, the company relocated to their current office and factory located in the Taipei Science Park in Neihu. The following year Global WIN established a 500-person production line in Mainland China to accommodate increasing worldwide sales demand.

Global WIN now has offices in the U.S., China and Europe (France) and an International Sales team located around the globe. The production capacity reaches more than 500,000 pieces per month with annual sales of 18 million USD.
The product range includes Desktop, Laptop and 1U/2U Server CPU Coolers for a whole range of CPU models, Hard Disk coolers, VGA and chipset coolers. As well as Nanometer Ceramic Fans of different sizes, Case Fans, Super Silent power supplies, aluminium cases and other accessories such as fan converters and heatsinks.

The worldwide communication and service network provides outstanding technical support with the best Vendor-to-User service and problem-solving skills. In accordance with the company slogan: We solve your thermal problem!
More information is available at:

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