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jmke 16th April 2004 12:45

Global WIN introduces new high end power supplies
Global WIN introduces the new “Eleel 380”, “Eleel 450”, and “Leleel 450” high end power supplies

Global WIN introduces the new “Eleel 380”, “Eleel 450”, and “Leleel 450”
high end power supplies

The new Eleel 450 and Leleel 450 power supplies provide active PFC, a
full-range power input, and asynchronous thermal protection

Taipei, Taiwan, April 16th, 2004 – Global WIN, a leading specialist in
thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, today announced three new power
supply models – the Eleel 380, Eleel 450, and Leleel 450. The 450W Eleel
450 and Leleel 450 versions offer two transparent 80 mm fans and deliver
additional power connectors for SATA (serial ATA) hard disk drives.
Furthermore, the Eleel 450 includes circuitry to ensure an optimum balance
between noise reduction and necessary cooling. The Leleel 450 uses a
microcontroller to achieve the same function.

The Eleel 450 and Leleel 450 models are equipped with active PFC (Power
Factor Correction), a full-range power input from 90V to 264 V and
frequencies from 47Hz to 63 Hz, and ATP (asynchronous thermal protection).
After the system is switched off ATP ensures all the fans continue to
function until the system temperature drops below 45° C. With ATP enabled,
two external fans and the CPU fan can be controlled.

The safety features of both 450W models includes OVP (Over Voltage
Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection) and SCP (Short Circuit
Protection). A thermal controller in the PSU adjusts the fan speed of both
80 mm fans automatically to reduce the noise level, when maximum electrical
power is not required. To monitor the status of the internal fans, the new
power supplies are equipped with LEDs and a buzzer. During normal operation
the indicator LED is green. Under high load the LED indicator becomes
orange, and under the highest load the indicator remains orange and a buzzer
warns the user. If the indicator LED becomes red and the buzzer sounds, it
means that the associated fan has stopped rotating.

In addition, the Global WIN Leleel 450 is equipped with a display which
indicates the PSU working load. At a power consumption of 0W this display
flashes red, between 1W and 300 W it shines blue, between 301W and 400 W it
is violet, between 401W and 450 W the display shines red, and above 450 W,
it flashes red and the buzzer warns the user.

The 380W Eleel 380 power supply has a input voltage range of 200-240V and
also supports OVP, OCP and SCP. It has a 120mm fan on the top and includes
additional ventilation openings at the rear to provide better heat
dissipation. A SATA connector and passive PFC are also implemented.

Price & availability
Products are available through Global Win’s distributors in Italy (Bow.IT
SRL) and UK (Rainbow Components –

About Global WIN
Global WIN, a specialist in thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, was
founded in 1992 in Taiwan in a space of 720 square feet (67m2) packed with
offices and production lines. At the end of 1998, the company relocated to
their current office and factory located in the Taipei Science Park in
Neihu. The following year Global WIN established a 500-person production
line in Mainland China to accommodate increasing worldwide sales demand.

Global WIN now has offices in the U.S., China and Europe (France) and an
International Sales team located around the globe. The production capacity
reaches more than 500,000 pieces per month with annual sales of 18 million
The product range includes Desktop, Laptop and 1U/2U Server CPU Coolers for
a whole range of CPU models, Hard Disk coolers, VGA and chipset coolers. As
well as Nanometer Ceramic Fans of different sizes, Case Fans, Super Silent
power supplies, aluminium cases and other accessories such as fan converters
and heatsinks.

The worldwide communication and service network provides outstanding
technical support with the best Vendor-to-User service and problem-solving
skills. In accordance with the company slogan: We solve your thermal
More information is available at:

jmke 16th April 2004 12:47

not bad looking at all too :o

SilverSpeed 16th April 2004 14:02

only 19dB :| unk

jmke 16th April 2004 14:04

I can confirm that these PSU's are very silent!

The Senile Doctor 16th April 2004 20:20

availablility in belgium?

jmke 16th April 2004 23:36

ANO Int had them last time around :)

edit: yep they have them (the SAFire series)

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