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jmke 3rd June 2004 14:28

Global WIN introduces "Jefi": universal water cooling solution for up to 300W
Global WIN introduces the “Jefi”, an innovative universal water cooling
solution capable of dissipating over 300W.

Jefi is an easy-to-install CPU water cooling solution, with enough heat
dissipation capacity to meet future requirements

Taipei, Taiwan, June 3rd, 2004 – Global WIN, a leading specialist in thermal
conductivity and heat dissipation has introduced its latest innovative CPU
cooler called the “Jefi”. Jefi is a patented water cooling solution for
processors, which is able to achieve a heat dissipation of over 300 Watts.
The Jefi cooling kit is a universal solution for Intel P4 Prescott, Intel
P4, AMD Athlon 64 XP3400+, and AMD Athlon XP3200+ processors. The
installation is simple and user-friendly, and compatible with all PC cases.

The Jefi is named after the jellyfish, continuing Global WIN’s exciting and
imaginative new naming convention using the theme of the sea. The jellyfish
shape, colourful packaging, and easy-to-remember name, makes the Jefi CPU
cooling solution instantly distinguishable from competitors’ products. By
shipping the Jefi solution with an aquarium, Global WIN has succeeded in
bringing the fun back into computing.

Jefi reduces the thermal resistance compared to other cooling solutions,
resulting in improved heat conduction away from the CPU and efficiently
keeping the temperature inside the PC case low. A temperature sensor ensures
the fan speed is adjusted accordingly between 2000 and 4000rpm, minimizing
unnecessary noise.

The unique radiator design located in an external water container (aquarium)
provides a 4-step heat dissipation process to speed up the heat exchange.
These four steps are: heat dissipation through multi-channel waterfall; heat
dissipation of water from CPU through heatsink; heat dissipation through
water surface in the aquarium; and heat dissipation through heatsink to
aquarium water.

Water is pumped to the aluminium alloy water block (with a copper base)
through a 150cm length of tubing (made from a silicone heat-cured elastomer)
using an AC powered pump placed in the aquarium. The heated water is then
pumped away from the CPU through further tubing to the Jefi heat exchanger
positioned in the aquarium. The pump displaces 180L of water per hour. The
patented design of the tube connections requires no screws and ensures no
water leakage.

Customers may wish to have more fun and personalize their Jefi system by
adding ice to the aquarium to make it cooler ! Alternatively, the aquarium
could become a showpiece in the room by adding sand, rocks, and seaweed or
by using it to keep fish. The “jellyfish” style radiator in the aquarium
can also be fitted with an optional UV light. This light can create a serene
mood in the room and can also be used to detect counterfeit money ! At the
same time the water in the aquarium can also have a balancing effect on the
moisture in the surrounding environment, making a dry room more acceptable.
More than one Jefi cooler can also be linked together and placed in a larger
aquarium to provide even greater cooling potential for super performance.

Further information about Jefi is available on our website at:

Price & availability

The Jefi is available through Global WIN’s distributor in Italy Bow.IT SRL
at a price of €199 (including VAT).

About Global WIN:

Global WIN, a specialist in thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, was
founded in 1992 in Taiwan in a space of 720 square feet (67m2) crowded with
office and production line. At the end of 1998, the company moved to their
current office and factory located in the Taipei Science Park in Neihu. The
following year Global WIN established a 500-people production line in
Mainland China to accommodate increasing worldwide sales demand.

Global WIN has now offices in U.S., China and Europe (France) and a global
Sales team located all over the world. The production capacity reaches more
than 500,000 pieces per month with annual sales of 18 million USD.

The product range includes Desktop, Laptop and 1U/2U Server CPU Coolers for
all kinds of CPU models, Hard Disk cooler, VGA and chipset coolers.
Nanometer Ceramic Fans of different size, Case Fans, Super Silent power
supply, aluminium case and other accessory like fan converter and heatsinks.

The worldwide communication and service network provides an outstanding
technical support with the best Vendor-to-User service and problem solving.
In accordance with the company slogan: We solve your thermal problem!

More information is available at:

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