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jmke 26th August 2004 13:28

Global Win Dorri External HDD Enclosure
When Globalwin contacted us about reviewing their Dorri HDD external enclosure, we had a hard time deciding if it was anything that could be related to HTPC users or not... After much though, a little light came on in our heads about this product after checking out it's specifications sheet.... Encrypted Data Security Key. Just imagine, when you are looking to transport vital data such as DVD's that you have ripped to your HDD (that you own) or possibly your MP3 Collection (from CD's you own), it's always nice to know that the data won't be read by anyone besides you. At least this way you could say you were taking every precaution to keep your data for only your eyes.

The idea was overall a very sound one, however when we get into testing this product, can it really hang with a pre-built HDD enclosure and how vital is your data that you would need an encrypted HDD enclosure?

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