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jmke 19th January 2009 15:56

GlacialTech Altair A381 Home Theater PC Case
We review so many Home Theater PC cases that sometimes they all start to look alike. Many of them try to mimic the look of either a home theater amplifier or DVD player. Due to size constraints, many manufacturers opt for the amplifier, which allows the consumer to use standard-size PC components. Some of the smaller designs look much more appliance-like, simply because at first glance it appears there's no way to fit PC components into the chassis.

If you're a fan of the low-profile HTPC cases, then you may be intereteste in the GlacialTech Altair A381 HTPC chassis, which has a lot of features found in premium home theater appliances, but without a lot of wasted space. The Altair is outfitted with an aluminum front panel, front panel buttons, VFD display, and a good airflow design.

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