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jmke 8th September 2009 14:51

Gigabyte goes P55 loco with 11 LGA 1156 motherboards
If you thought that Asus' P55 offer was pretty beefy then think again as Gigabyte is releasing 11 (eleven) motherboards supporting LGA 1156 processors. In all, Gigabyte will be delivering nine 'standard' ATX P55 boards - the GA-P55-UD6, GA-P55-UD5, GA-P55-UD4P, GA-P55-UD4, GA-P55-UD3P, GA-P55-UD3R, GA-P55-UD3, GA-P55-UD3L, GA-P55-US3L and two micro ATX models, the GA-P55M-UD4 and GA-P55M-UD2, all of which have at least two PCI-Express x16 slots, four DDR3-2200 memory slots, make use of the Ultra Durable 3 technology and feature the the 2.0 version of the Dynamic Energy Saver.

For starters 'only' seven of Gigabyte's P55 motherboards have appeared in stores and they go from 86 Euro (for the GA-P55M-UD2) to 198 Euro (GA-P55-UD6).

Massman 8th September 2009 15:14

Asus has 10, so gigabyte needed one more LOL

jmke 8th September 2009 15:18

I seriously do not see the advantage of having that many products in your line-up; 4 models should suffice in my humble opinion.

- OC/Enthusiast/Super High End
- High End
- Mid End
- Entry Level

and that first one in the list can be done under another product range.

Rutar 8th September 2009 18:41

It has severe disadvantages:

customer confusion
inventory increase accross all sales channels
every SKU costs money just to manage accross all sales channels

I'd like to change that, but you simply don't get into the position to do that.

Massman 8th September 2009 18:42

Apparently, it's because they can't sell certain products in China/Russia - so, they need an alternative. Alternative + alternative + ... = many alternatives

Kougar 8th September 2009 19:43

They need more alternatives for their alternatives... Plan must be to confuse their competitors. :D

Massman 8th September 2009 19:52

Or buyers. There's no better way to sell pricy products than making the low-end market absolutely chaotic.

Rutar 9th September 2009 17:15

It worries me that those explanations sound real.

Massman 9th September 2009 18:17

well, if you don't know what every motherboard offers, it's just the way it goes:

Product 1 has features A, B, but not C
P2 = A, C, but not B
P3 = B, C, but not A
P4 = A, B and C (more expensive).

If you don't know what A, B or C does (so: don't know if it's important or not), you might as well go for P4 as it includes all and you don't miss out on anything.

jmke 9th September 2009 18:29

or you go for ProductD from another company as this one is too confusing.

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