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jmke 6th September 2009 09:42

Gigabyte Ga-ma785g-ud3h
By adding 2oz of copper to thier motherboards, using all Japanese solid state capacitors, too utilizing Ferrite core chokes (Ultra Durable 3). Make's GIGABYTE a force to be reconed with when it comes to their motherboards.

When I was offered a chance to review one of GIGABYTES AMD motherboards, I jumped at the chance to review one of them. The last AMD CPU I played with these last few years was my two daughters computer. Like any typical teenagers they use the computer for looking at myspace, yik yaking with their buddies online (when the phone is off limits or being used), occasional light gaming, too movie watching when the big screen television is being used.

And god help us if one of the girls infringes on the other girl time on the computer. You do not want be near them. All we hear is mew, hiss, hiss, mew. Then a loud voice calls out, 'Kitten Fight', from that point on its claws, teeth and eyeballs.

Being it has been a few years since I even remotely tried overclocking an AMD CPU I was unsure what the AMD 4000+ 2.1 GHz Brisbane dual core could do. Since the original motherboard I used in the girls computer would only allow a mere 2.5Ghz overclock. I am pretty sure this GIGABYTE motherboard could take this little dual core CPU to new levels. Question remains, how far will this CPU go?

Lets step down into the Dragons Dungeon and warm things up a bit, and lets find out what the GA-MA785G-UD3H can do.

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