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jmke 8th December 2005 11:10

Gigabyte G-Power Pro GH-PDU21-MF Heatsink
"The Gigabyte G-Power Pro has the appearance of a low noise heatsink, but that isn't entirely the situation. Noise levels from the 1700-3200RPM fan vary from 50-72 dBA according to our sound measurements. When compared to Gigabyte's past entries into the heatsink field (ie. 3D-Cooler, 3D-Rocket, and NeonCooler), the G-Power Pro is among the best performing K8 heatsinks at its slowest fan speed. However, it is also the loudest with the fan at full RPM."


Rutar 8th December 2005 14:38

looks like an SI120, but at Gigabyte price it could be a winner =)

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