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jmke 23rd July 2009 15:05

Gigabyte 9800GT 1GB Silent Cell Review
The high-end graphics market has grown stale with flagship products from Nvidia (GTX 295) and ATI (4870 X2) now old news. So while we wait for each camp to bring new GPUs to the market, Gigabyte opted to send us a mid-range 9800 GT, but unlike any other 9800 GT you've ever seen before. Rather than stick with the reference cooling solution, Gigabyte's Silent Cell version earns its moniker with a monster-sized fanless heatsink, making it the only passively-cooled 9800 GT in existence.

But that isn't the only thing the Silent Cell has going. Following the 'more is better' mantra, Gigabyte doubled the amount of GDDR3 memory found on most 9800 GT videocards to 1GB and slapped not one, but two HDMI ports onto the Silent Cell (one integrated, on via a DVI-to-HDMI adapter). Will these extras be enough to drum up excitement over a last-generation part?

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