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jmke 15th May 2006 14:21

Gigabyte 3D Rocket Cooler-Pro PCU22-VG Heatsink
Known primarily as a motherboard manufacturer, Gigabyte first entered into the heatsink markets with a large cylindrical copper cooler called the 3D Cooler-Ultra (PCU31-VH); an excellent thermal solution that tipped the scales at over 700+ grams! This was followed by the 3D Rocket Cooler (PCU22-SE), 3D Cooler-Pro (PCU21-VG), and the budget minded G-Power Pro and Neon Cooler 8-BL heatsinks. Thus far, most of Gigabyte's heatsinks have been variations on the 3D Cooler design, with a couple of enhancements here and there for mainstream users who just need quiet multiplatform cooling.

The Gigabyte 3D Rocket Cooler-Pro PCU22-VG heatsink FrostyTech is testing in this review cools quietly, and it can also ramp up fan speed to take on major heat loads too. The heatsink comes with a fan speed controller that allows you to dial in the speed (and noise) of the cooling fan to suit the situation. At the top of the cooler, a series of very bright blue LEDs glow under the translucent cap, making the 3D Rocket Cooler-Pro a great candidate for windowed cases. The heatsink mounts to socket 462/A AthlonXP, socket 478 & 775 Pentium 4, and socket 754/940/939 Athlon64 processors via a high density forged copper base.

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