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jmke 20th February 2008 12:02

GeForce 9800 GT is a rebadged 8800 GT?
Our source said it will still using G92. But the card will have two mio connectors for three-way SLI. Maybe the card will also have some difference (core clock ,shader frequency, etc)between the existing G92 video cards but it is certainly that shader processor will not glow up to as high as 192.

Update: the Geforce 9800 GT has now been officially launched, you can find full reviews of these cards in our daily updated hardware news

jakebot 28th February 2008 10:09

that's what i have been afraid of.......:mad:

Kougar 29th February 2008 02:08

If the 9800GT is a rebadged tri-SLI capable G92, then 9800GTX is going to be a pretty big dissapointment to those expecting a nice performance increase.

One might begin to think that Nvidia outdid themselves so well with G80 that they simply aren't capable of designing anything better. So far their chipset business revolves around rebadged 500/600 series silicon combinations, some with extra PCIe lane chips, and their GPUs are all direct evolutionary descendants to G80.

jakebot 3rd March 2008 07:37

more memory would be nice... if they had the 9800gt running 1gig... WOW

Kougar 4th March 2008 04:33

Would make no difference. :) There just was a review that compared a 256, 512, and 1GB 8800GT cards up to 1920x1200 4/8xAA+16xAF. There simply was no performance change for the 1GB card.

At the resolution/settings required to use 1GB, you would need SLI to even get playable framerates and a 30" display!

jakebot 10th March 2008 07:52

alright well that's good to know. i just ordered the new evga 780i mobo and it showed arrive tommorow i'm pretty excited about it. and i have crucial ballistix ram with D9 chips in them heard they were the best for overclocking. then i'm going to get one of those 45nm core 2 quads when they come out and hopefully a 9800gt.... or at least a 9 series card. what do you think?

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