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jmke 7th June 2006 10:48

GeForce 7900 GT and GTX mini-roundup: eVGA and XFX
We haven't managed to round up every last offering from all vendors (as much as I'd love to evaluate 30 GeForces!), but to kick off our quest for that particular truth we've nabbed boards from XFX and eVGA to see what they're doing, encompassing 7900 GT and GTX.

XFX have long been considered a 'performance' brand for NVIDIA graphics boards, and rightly so. There's always a XXX Edition, overclocked out of the box, to consider from one of NVIDIA's best partners. They've got some competition though, and with ex-Gainward man Hans Wolfram Tismer now at eVGA, it's been no surprise to see Wolfy take some of what made Gainward a high-profile NVIDIA performance brand to eVGA, sticking those guys into the same space.

This article therefore looks at pre-overclocked boards with a GTX from XFX, and both GT and GTX from eVGA. Are any of the three are worth a squirt? We find out.

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