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Sidney 13th July 2005 13:29

GeForce 7800GT Has 20 Pipes
VR-Zone has learned that the upcoming GeForce 7800 GT will be 20 pipes instead of 24 pipes as intially reported. The vertex shader could probably stay at 8 and ROP at 16. The core clock for 7800GT is 400MHz instead of 335MHz initially thought. The 7800GT is slated for launch on 11th Aug at Quakecon 2005 and MRSP for this card is US$449.

More info here :

Rutar 13th July 2005 20:11

that calls for a Darth Vader "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

piotke 13th July 2005 20:26

whaai a noo ?

IT seems that the card will have quit some power, for a lower price.

Rutar 14th July 2005 07:48

it's a big reduction of 30% (theoretically)

add lower memory to that nd it doesn't look that much better FPS per $ wise

piotke 14th July 2005 08:44

it will look better then the GTX price/performance zise, to my opinion.

A top card is never a "smart" buy

Rutar 14th July 2005 17:19

the 7800GTX is a good buy right now

funny to see it smoking 2 6800Ultras in SLI on anandtech

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