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Sidney 18th December 2007 17:11

Game of the Year Awards 2007
One could say that 2007 has been one of the best years for video gamers. Or, more accurately: it's been a great coulpe of months.

Most of the great video games this year, regardless of the platform, have been introduced during the fall quarter. Nearly every gaming platform has had at least one hotly-anticipated title, and the games have been so good that some gamers are now owners of multiple platforms.

Since there were so many great games this year, we have broken them down by platform. We analyzed each game for its innovations, how they utilized the platform, playability, and other factors that make a game great.

geoffrey 18th December 2007 18:45

Must agrea here, so many great games that I just can't keep up.

thorgal 18th December 2007 20:04

Great games they may be, they only cover FPS for the PC. I don't play FPS games, so where's the rest ?

Massman 18th December 2007 20:10

I only play games when reviewing ... :D (and FIFA08 when I'm in the mood)

Rutar 18th December 2007 20:48

WiC is easily better than the Orange Box, so is Stalker

Kougar 18th December 2007 22:55

Somewhat silly ranking, looks like just an arbitrary listng of FPS games... :rolleyes:


Originally Posted by Rutar (Post 161512)
WiC is easily better than the Orange Box, so is Stalker

And I would disagree. :)

jmke 19th December 2007 10:30


Originally Posted by thorgal (Post 161509)
Great games they may be, they only cover FPS for the PC. I don't play FPS games, so where's the rest ?

Kougar 19th December 2007 13:17

I love SC: Forged Alliance!!

My biggest complaint is that it STILL very easily runs into the 2GB addressable memory barrier and crashes though, even if turning everything to their lowest settings in a 6 player AI game on 40k or bigger maps. Game plays smoothly up until that point however, so they did optimize it a good bit to improve performance. They have also greatly changed the game balance, for the better I think. The "cheating" AI's will stomp you too, no need for the Sorian AI pack just yet. :)

jmke 19th December 2007 14:46

playing against a cheating AI is no fun; I've read the resource management has changed a lot; SC was mass generator city, while FA is more centered around obtaining mass extractors

Kougar 19th December 2007 15:40

The "advanced" level AIs are not hard to deal with once defenses are set up. AI still isn't smart enough to usually go around them, but sometimes it will try early on. The AI loves to build plenty of shields now though, Turtle AI or any other advanced AI.

Not to sure regarding what has changed with T3 Mass extractors vs generators, I will look into that. I can say that sCDR's via Quantum Gate are much much slower to create, should be much less mass sCDR swarms or sCDR+s with resource packs. Same with anti-nukes and especially nukes. A single T3 bomber also does not kill the commander in a single strike, it now takes four. Still learning the details, although have completed the game.

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