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jmke 26th May 2010 16:45

Galaxy and Palit GeForce GTX 470s in SLI
While today I'll only be playing with the baby GTX 400 cards, the bottom line is that as the weeks have gone on and companies have taken the time to attack this model with new cooling, we've really been able to see the model for what it is. In its reference form it's an overpriced model that runs too hot, too loud and gets beaten by the HD 5850 at higher resolutions. In the Palit and Galaxy forms, though, the cards have become quieter and cooler overclocking beasts thanks to companies like Galaxy and MSI with their overclocking software Xtreme Tuner HD and Afterburner, respectively.

Today we'll be seeing how our non-reference cards play with each other in SLI. We're hoping for no bumps in the road and some good performance gains. We'll also be setting a starting point for SLI which really hasn't been tested in months here. From then on out it'll no doubt be time for some mean SLI and CF throw downs. Of course, if everything goes well here today we'll also be attacking the models with more voltage and a bump in speeds to hopefully yield even more performance.

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