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jmke 31st May 2010 22:05

Galaxy GeForce GTX 465 1GB Review - NVIDIA lowers Fermi cost of entry
Despite finally having a great DX11-ready graphics solution on the market, NVIDIA is reeling from competition in many ways. It no longer has a chipset business, the Tegra platform is obviously seeing a much lower adoption rate than expected, the ION 2 discrete solution is lacking the key partners and selling points the first generation had and even the world of professional graphics is being assaulted by the new Evergreen-based AMD FirePro cards.

The launch of GF100 as the GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 were better than many had predicted - our review of both of these cards was fairly positive with aggressive pricing and competitive performance but some undeniable issues with noise and heat. Even though the prices were decent, the lack of any NVIDIA built DX11-capable cards for under the $350 that the GTX 470 sells for continued to be an issue and prevented them from really gaining ground in the marketplace. In contrast, AMD has been offering DX11 GPUs from $699 down to under $100 since basically the beginning of 2010. NVIDIA needed another option and even NVIDIA's own partners were fed up with the constant re-branding that we was being pushed on them.

Enter the GeForce GTX 465 - a Fermi-based GF100 card that will sell for about $279. No, this won't address ALL of NVIDIA's issues but it definitely is a great option for those of us looking for competition in the mainstream to enthusiast markets.

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